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Our Mission is to help our clients to “See the Greatness, Do the Greatness, and Live the Greatness within.” From Health & Life Coaching to Motivational Speaking or Athlete Development, JRW Consulting & Coaching is sure to produce positive results and maximize performance.

Health & Life Coach

  • Establishing a Goal-Mind (Directions lead to Destiny)
  • Creating a Vision for Victory (Perspective of Paradigms)
  • Will do beats Can do (Maximizing Effort)
  • Rebounding is key to Winning (Bouncing back from Setbacks)
  • Attitude + Gratitude = Altitude (Winning formula)
  • Don’t Stress with Me (Stress Effects)
  • Art of Achievement (It Begins with a Choice) 

JRW Consulting & Coaching provides Health & Life Coaching services that guides clients along their journey towards identifying and reducing stress areas in their careers, relationships, finances, health, and daily lives. This service has a foundation built on the holistic aspects of human development by helping clients to overcome their fears so  they can create the life that they desire. Toxic ruts and unproductive cycles will be eliminated.

About Jayson Walton

With 25 plus years of leadership experience in the education, business, and sports arenas, Jayson Walton brings a wealth of knowledge inclusive of easy to use strategies that’s sure to inspire, influence, and empower all clients

As a highly sought after Health & Life Coach, Jayson has guided and supported his clients by elevating their ability to break limited beliefs, eliminate self-doubt, and boost their self-esteem and confidence. Understanding that we’re living in a diverse, unpredictable, competitive, and stressful society, Jayson has mastered the psychological tools to help clients navigate their way. He believes that life is what you make it, and finding meaning can often be a challenge. This is why his approach injects a spirit of hope, humility, and heart work. The unique delivery of his services include a few of his losses and a few of his wins, which provides an example of the peaks and valleys that all successful people must manage and experience. As a believer that everybody is somebody, his commitment to empowering clients puts him in a class that’s second to none. His clients remain equipped with effective strategies that’s guaranteed to guide them towards the winners circle in all areas of their lives.


As a certified Health and Life coach who empowers all people, his niche area and specialty lane is in developing productive habits for all prospective clients, especially young people ages 12-25. Jayson is effective with this demographic because of his 25 plus years of experience to the youth and their families as an educational administrator. Being an active listener to gather information helps him to understand his clients so that a tailored plan is designed to lead them to a new level of self-discovery. This ultimately leads to a massive transformation. Jayson’s vision for what he does is to help as many people to See the Greatness, Do the Greatness, and Live the Greatness within.

Jayson Walton graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications (Concentration on Youth Studies). He also earned a Masters Degree in Education from Prairie View A&M University. He holds a State of Texas K-12 Principalship certification. He is a certified Health & Life Coach (HCI-CHC and HCI-CLC) from the Health Coach Institute.

“Jayson was amazing and will be an incredible Life Coach. He was delightful to work with, listened without judgment and really provided very valuable sound suggestions and skills to help me continue to grow and learn. Jayson is someone I plan to continue to learn with and from and hopefully work with someday. His years of coaching kids and working with parents to help their children succeed was immediately evident from his kind, compassionate and professional nature. I see great things in his future!”

Leann H.

Alberquerque, New Mexico retired legal analysis

“Coach Walton is phenomenal, professional, very knowledgeable, and great with the kids. After taking two years off due to COVID and making the decision to work with Coach Walton, my husband and I noticed instant improvement in our son’s confidence and skills. Our son is a better player overall and we look forward to his training session with Coach Walton.”

Shelita B.

Tax Advisor, Dallas, Texas

“Before coaching with Jayson, I struggled with Self-esteemed, finances, knowing who I am and how I thought the world perceives me. Then Jayson taught me how to better communicate with others and myself to get my needs met by using various techniques on relaxation that reduced my stress. As a result, he laid out an action plan with doable steps towards fulfilling my desires. The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Jayson are his honesty and his willingness to go the distance for me as his client. He has demonstrated the ability to be transparent and knowledgeable with discussing different issues that are affecting my day-to-day life. And he created a new mind-set as it relates to how I think. What I loved most about coaching with Jayson is that he is sincere, hilarious, energetic in every session, and his strategies and techniques serve as “spot on” feedback. This has been very impactful for me as I move forward in my life.”

Debbi B

Daycare Center Director, Dallas, Texas