Rescheduling and Cancellations:

  • Occasional rescheduling will be required for either the client or the Life Coach due to unexpected events, holidays, vacations, etc. 
  • Rescheduling should only happen when absolutely necessary. Both the client and Life Coach must agree to make every effort to keep scheduled sessions.
  • Clients must use the reschedule or cancellation link in the confirmation email with at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise, the appointment is not officially rescheduled or canceled. The client will be expected to attend the confirmed reschedule date. Failure to attend is considered a no-show.

Session Details

  • A full session will be registered at the 30 minute interval of a 1 hour session. If for some reason the session has to be interrupted during a session by the client, that session will count as a whole session after 30 minutes has passed for that session.
  • Once the initial consultation document and information is submitted, all sessions will begin after a scheduling notice and confirmation link is completed.
  • Each session is 60 minutes in length.
  • No refunds.