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Health & Life Coach

  • Establishing a Goal-Mind (Directions lead to Destiny)
  • Creating a Vision for Victory (Perspective of Paradigms)
  • Will do beats Can do (Maximizing Effort)
  • Rebounding is key to Winning (Bouncing back from Setbacks)
  • Attitude+Gratitude=Altitude (Winning formula)

JRW Consulting & Coaching provides Life Coaching services that guides clients along their journey towards finding fulfillment, joy, and purpose for their lives. This service has a foundation built on the holistic aspects of human development.

Y0uth Empowerment​

  • Athletic Skill Enhancement (Physical Wellness & Training)
  • Social, Emotional, and Mindfulness Development
  • Confidence & Character Development
  • Academic and Athletic Growth Plans
  • Learning and Personal Growth

Our current and potential clients will experience a superb level of service and professionalism while working with JRW Consulting and Coaching. Our target is to produce holistic improvement one session at a time. Steady progress, not perfection, is our aim.

Motivational Speaking​

  • Corporate and Business Functions
  • Schools and Universities
  • Social Events & Celebrations
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Religious Organizations

JRW Consulting & Coaching provides motivational speaking presentations and consultation workshops that aim to prioritize, revitalize, and energize your company or organizational needs.