“Coach Walton is an amazing athletic trainer and mentor. He highlights areas of improvement while simultaneously building my child’s skills and confidence.”

“Coach Walton is an amazing athletic trainer and mentor. He highlights areas of improvement while simultaneously building my child’s skills and confidence. Coach Walton connects with his players and makes them feel comfortable. Our family greatly appreciates his efforts and dedication.”
Nisha W.

“Coach Walton is phenomenal, professional, very knowledgeable, and great with the kids. After taking two years off due to COVID and making the decision to work with Coach Walton, my husband and I noticed instant improvement in our son’s confidence and skills. Our son is a better player overall and we look forward to his training session with Coach Walton.”
Shelita B.

Our son Ashton had been seeing Coach Walton for about a year now and he has grown leaps and bounds. When Ashton started playing baseball he was a little shy and timid to the game. We noticed another kid on his team who had really progressed with his batting skills and found out he had been seeing Coach Walton for additional training. We decided to follow suit and reach out for extra practice. Since day one Coach Walton has shown empathy with a sense of sternness that every coach should have when helping build the confidence of their players. From showing him how to progress in his hitting stance to fielding and pop ups Coach Walton has shown patience beyond measure.
Coach Walton truly preaches and teaches the foundation of baseball in his skills and practices. Ashton was able to learn the fundamentals from the ground level and has continued to gain not only experience in progression but words of wisdom and encouragement as well. Coach Walton has built up Ashtons confidence in encouraging him to believe in himself and never give up. We are thankful for the many hours of training whether in the heat of the TX summer or the cold off season sessions Coach Walton has provided and we look forward to watching Ashton continue to grow.

Tiffany T.

“Jayson is a great Life Coach. I will definitely request him in the future!”

Linda T.

Honolulu, Hawaii Bodybuilder and Fitness Coach

“Jayson was amazing and will be an incredible Life Coach. He was delightful to work with, listened without judgment and really provided very valuable sound suggestions and skills to help me continue to grow and learn. Jayson is someone I plan to continue to learn with and from and hopefully work with someday. His years of coaching kids and working with parents to help their children succeed was immediately evident from his kind, compassionate and professional nature. I see great things in his future!”

Leann H.

Alberquerque, New Mexico retired legal analysis

“Coach Walton has done an amazing job training my 8 year old son Nolan in baseball. He trains on all the fundamentals, and I’ve seen various improvements over a short time span. He is patient with the kids he works with and provides the motivation they need to ensure they’re trying their hardest. He offers a flexible schedule, and you can tell he really cares about the kids he trains. My son enjoys training with Coach Walton, and he always leaves practice with a smile. I can’t recommend Coach Walton enough, as friends who have also started letting their kids attend sessions, also rave about him.”
Cedric B.

“Jayson is awesome! He is very astute, kind, professional and together. I enjoyed getting to know him and hearing him share about his love for his son, his business and his coaching. He’s a true gem, I wish him all the best, I know he will do fabulous as a Life/Health Coach!!”

Deborah T.

Newark, New Jersey Business Owner

“Jayson was born for this! He listened without judgement, and offered sound advice. He will definitely be an asset to the world of Life Coaching. I am so grateful that he and I spoke today, his encouragement and kindness healed a piece of my soul.”

Cherish Kai M.

Charleston, South Carolina Evangelist